Understanding the concept of UV coating.

Maybe your printed marketing materials are your finest opportunity to grab the attraction of your customers in this era of hardcore competition. Then why are you not opting for spot UV gloss printing? Well, if you go for UV coating, it will be easier for you to get the desired attention from your customers. Therefore, it is the time when you must know about the benefits and advantages of the UV coating. Be it personalized presentation folders or business cards, you can make use of UV coating, and it can do wonders for you.

What is UV or Ultraviolet coating?

Well, it is a kind of coating that is very glossy and shiny. It is applied to a printed paper surface and printing machine. A printing press or a special machine is used to cure it with the help of ultraviolet light. The coating becomes hard or cured when it is exposed to the ultraviolet radiation.

The UV coating on your printed piece will be attractive to the eyes. The best products that can carry the beauty and radiance of the UV coating are postcards, presentation folders, business cards, catalogues and many other products. It enhances the look of card by giving it a glossy, dramatic and rich touch.

Benefits of UV coating

Compared to other coating methods, UV coating has several advantages like varnish and aqueous coating. Some of the benefits that UV coating has to offer are:

Very high shine finish

When the UV is applied to the dark and rich colors like rich blacks and blues, it provides an almost wet appearance. Well, this can be amazingly beneficial when it comes to image-rich projects like photography, brochures and catalogs. It generates an amazing shine, and for that reason, numerous people choose UV coating for specific designs and products.

Good abrasion resistance

In case, if your printed piece is going to travel through the mail or getting prepared to be handed out, then it will be good for you if you choose for UV coating. The UV coating is a spectacular combination of visually stunning look along with durability. It works amazingly on postcards, brochures as well as on business cards. The UV coat protects the piece from smudging and marking as well as maintains a professional and sophisticated look on the cards.

High clarity

UV coating amplifies the detailing of a card and is perfectly compatible with the company logos and photographic images. If you want to experience the clarity and detailing of the UV coating visually, you will get numerous samples, and after examining those samples, you can understand the significance of our statement.

UV coatings are environment-friendly

• UV coatings are solvent-free, and they do not emit any VOC or volatile organic compound.

• Like all your other papers, you can recycle the paper with UV coating effortlessly.

Helps to save time

UV coatings dry instantly so you can imply the fact that it will reduce the production times, delivery times and enables the option of earlier shipping.

Therefore, this is the basic concept of UV coating. So, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for business cards