First time in history that members of the public have been given the mandate to develop the themes for the new South African coins 2019. Most of these artists are individuals that were born in a democratic South Africa and were summoned to give their opinions on democracy, culture, and freedom. The artist’s insights influenced the design themes, which were then settled by a panel of connoisseurs.

Here are the six new South African coins.

1. R2 coin – Children’s Rights’ Among the five R2 coins released is one that represents the Children’s Rights, and artist Neo Mahlangu designed it. The concept behind this coin as elucidated by SA Mint was to capture the spirit and a sense of longing as the country attempts to offer all kids the right to equal protection of their civil rights and freedom. This coin will be released to the public in June 2019.

2. R2 – Right to education This is the second R2 coin to be created by Neo Mahlangu, and it depicts the education system in the country from the pre-school level to the tertiary level. The simple building block portrays elementary education, while the open book reveals the intermediary learning phase and a graduation cap showing the highest level in school. This coin is also expected to be in circulation this month of June.

3. R2 – Environmental rights Maaike Bakker is the designer behind this R2 coin which features a droplet of water, fish, and grass that shows a well-balanced and thriving environment. According to SA mint, this coin is an accurate representation that every citizen in SA has the right to access an unpolluted environment with clean water, air, and food that is vital for their survival. The R2 environmental right coin will be released into circulation in July 2019.

4. R2 – Freedom of movement and residence The fourth R2 coin commemorates the freedom of movement and residence for South Africans given the country’s dark history of segregation and restrictions. The currency was developed by Rasty Knayles, and it features a weaver bird catching a key which represents freedom. Moreover, there is an image of a minibus taxi and an aircraft that portrays how all citizens are now free to use any means of transport to travel to any part of the country as well as live anywhere they please. This R2 coin is expected to be released in July 2019.

5. R2 – Freedom of religion, belief, and opinion The last of the five R2 coins is one designed by Peter Mammes’ which is characterized a picture of a hand lifted with an open palm. This image is the symbol of religion in sign language, and it shows that South Africans have equal rights, and no one should be discriminated based on their ethnicity or religion. This coin is expected to be launched in circulation in August 2019.

6. R5 – Let us live and strive for freedom. The last coin to be launched is the South African rand R5 coin, which was designed by one of the youngest artists in the movement, Lady Skollie. What animal is on the 5 Rand coin? The new R5 coin features items like ballot boxes and a long queue witnessed during the first democratic election held in 1994. The R5 coin is anticipated to be in use in August 2019.

Besides the above-explained new South African coins, the series has some other new currencies including the R50 bronze alloy coin, R50 sterling silver coin, and an R500 gold coin. Therefore, expect the above currencies to be used before the end of the year.

Main picture on Instagram/simonemariefarah