Personal care businesses like hairdressers, barbershops, nail salons, and skincare businesses were ordered to shut down when the COVID-19 lockdown was imposed.

Hairdressers find themselves among the many service providers losing their income during the coronavirus lockdown that has been in place since 26 March. To add insult to injury, many of them are small business owners or self-employed, which means they do not qualify for unemployment insurance benefits. 

According to government regulations gazette on 29 April, beauty, nail and hair salons are now allowed to retail specified categories of products, with all treatment services still strictly prohibited until further notice.

Salons who wish to retail during Level 4 of the national COVID-19 lockdown must obtain a CIPC permit. Sole proprietors cannot register with CIPC, but are able to get a letter and copy of the CIPC permit of the company that supplies their products, should they have one. These copies must include the ID number, tax number, and tax compliance details. If you wish to obtain a CIPC permit click here.

The salon may choose to retail either online (and deliver the products directly to the client) or in the store. If the latter, the salon must comply with stringent government hygiene & sanitation regulations and operate with a minimum staff complement. Those salons that are situated within shopping malls or office parks must also adhere to whatever hygiene & sanitation measures the property owners may implement.

To reiterate – no salon, whether it be home-based or based elsewhere, may perform any treatment services during this stage of lockdown. If you do, you are breaking the law and you and the client are liable for heavy fines and possible imprisonment. Furthermore, your indemnity insurance will not kick in if you get caught doing something illegal.