The Cape Town Stadium has been selected as one of the in-game playgrounds in a new racing game from leading UK video game developer and publisher, Codemasters

DIRT 5, the 14th game in the Colin McRae Rally series and the 8th to carry the DIRT title, launches in November.

DIRT 5 Art Director, Amrish Wadekar
Said DIRT 5 will be available from November 6. Due to the next generation console launches, we decided to hold the game for a few weeks. The game launches first on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is then a launch title for Xbox Series X on 10th November, followed by PlayStation 5. And, just for good measure, we will be launching on Google Stadia in early 2021.

Focused on off-road racing, it features four different disciplines – rallycross, ice racing, stadium super trucks and off-road buggies – and allows players to virtually drive an iconic roster of cars while conquering stunning global routes.

“And we are over the moon that one of those includes the Cape Town Stadium as the in-game playground,” said Cape Town Stadium’s CEO, Lesley de Reuck

“Not only is its selection a nod to Cape Town’s appeal as a ‘gnarly’ and happening tourism destination, it pays homage to the natural beauty of the City and acknowledges the Stadium as playing a major role in helping maintain this reputation.”

DIRT 5 Art Director, Amrish Wadekar, concurred: “The inclusion of the Cape Town Stadium in DIRT 5 was an automatic choice for us.

“The city itself is a destination for various motorsport events – it has hosted the FIA World Rallycross Championship in past – and the backdrop to the stadium is truly stunning with the majestic Table Mountain on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. That mixture of heritage and beauty made it a perfect fit,” he said.

According to Wadekar, the Stadium provides an amazing focal point in context of the game. It is always in view and provides a great sense of imposing verticality as it towers over the landscape around it.

“Beautifully designed with smooth, streamlined features, the Stadium translates well into a game environment,” he said.

“When it comes to lighting, the transparent nature of the outer shell provides a great opportunity for distinct and dramatic effects, particularly when at night. Then, the huge contrast between the internal and external space is great for a game situation as it helps to make each area distinct and memorable.

“As players are going to discover, entering the stadium for the first time is a jaw-dropping experience and allows for some great revealing shots as they transition into the interior space,” he said.

To celebrate its role in DIRT 5, the Cape Town Stadium is running a competition in which 10 South Africans will win a copy of the game. Devised by HelloFCB+, the competition is being promoted on the Cape Town Stadium’s social media channels. You can view the campaign and enter the competition on Instagram from October 25: @capetownstadium.