Christon Jones, also known as The Truth is only 13-year-old and already successfully made about R289k, with his business in stock market trading – Christon made the whopping amount in just 3 days from teaching adults how to also invest in stocks.

The young genius entrepreneur has been generating money since he published his first book at 8 years old.

Christon ‘The Truth’ Jones, an investor and stock market prodigy has been able to make the dollar equivalent of R289 000 from just teaching adults how to trade in the stock market. According to a report sighted by, the 13-year-old actually aimed at making more.

When asked about his returns, The Truth mentions that although he did not meet his expectation, he is certainly proud of what he was able to achieve. “It was not even half, but it was still something. My mother encourages me to never limit myself so I am proud I made an effort,” he disclosed in an interview after the masterclass. Christon started engaging in profit-making ventures at the age of eight after he published a book named ‘The Win Within’ and sold it door-to-door, making $5,000.

Since then, he was fascinated by money-making opportunities which is how he ended up learning about and investing in the stock market.

Main picture screenshot /Facebook/ @ChristonTheTruthJones