We’re living in a day and age when the notion of tattoo designs for women seems a little antiquated. Still, you can still make an argument that there are some tattoo designs that tend to have a more feminine tilt to them than others. It is important to note that this does not make them women’s tattoo designs.

In fact, that’s perhaps the one thing to take away from this discussion. ‘Tattoo designs for women’ is not the same thing as ‘women’s tattoo designs’. Tattooing transcends the idea of what identifies gender and is perhaps why this form of body art still finds a place in society today.

Over the course of the last few years, tattooing has started to find a place among women more than it has before, and there are a number of high-profile female tattoo artists listed among the best in the world. There is also a rise in the number of female-owned, as well as all-female, tatto studios. Many of these artists note that the environment welcomes all, promotes acceptance and diversity, and there seems to be a level of personal connection with female artists that doesn’t always happen with male counterparts.

Why mention all of this? Well, it goes back to the idea of dispelling the notion that there are separate tattoo designs for men and women. As society changes & views on gender also change, so, too, does the idea that there is a distinct way to identify what tattoo design goes on a person. As such, here are seven places to find tattoo designs for all:

Photo by Vladislav Todorov on Unsplash


This social media platform is the place to go for ideas on just about everything, and body art is no exception. Not only do you have any design you could ever want available to you, but you could probably find out what it looks like on someone’s body. Just watch the NSFW stuff!


From IG models, studios, parlors, and everyone in between, Instagram is where you go for the ultimate #goals for your next tattoo.

Tattoo Studio Websites 

If you’re familiar with the studios around you, look them up online and see what their websites have to offer. There was a time when a not-so-great site was a sign of the early internet, but things have changed. If you’re not big on their website, you have other options.

Industry Magazines 

While many of these can be tough to find, they do exist and give a plethora of design options you can’t find anywhere else.


Go to your local library and research the history of body art. Given its ancient roots & connection with cultural & religious practice, you’ll find some deep stuff on tattoos.

Studio Pics 

You can alway go into your local studios & parlors to see what records they keep of their work. They are more than happy to share.

Other People

Actuality, check out the custom ink that tends to be considered masculine. These often bold offerings are starting to gain momentum among women, which is really cool.

Tattoo designs for women can actually be anything. The body art industry is perhaps one of the more progressive areas of society in that it welcomes people from all backgrounds. The idea of tattooing is simple — find something that speaks to you. Don’t get bogged down by what others tell you fits you best. You do you, and let everyone else kick rocks.