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1 Pick your favorite celebrity to study.

You can pick a few celebs to study so you can combine the best qualities of each into your own “look”.

2 Create a library of all their public appearances.

Find as much pictures as you can, with the celebrity of your choice doing various things, also try to get paparazzi snapp’s when they are not expecting to be photographed. This will allow you to see how they dress normally and will provide you with a comprehensive set of materials to study and learn from.

3 Learn how they dress.

Study pics from their videos and pin them up on your wall follow the way they wear and match their outfits. These are the ideas you want to incorporate into your own wardrobe. Since you don’t have the means to shopping at super expensive stores you will need to improvise a little. When you go shopping try not to buy more than one or two pieces of clothing at a time so you carefully select each item you will wear. Try to buy items you can use in different combinations to get as many looks out of the same cloths.

4 Study their language and style of speaking.

Celebrities are leaders and they do not follow trends – they set them. You need to watch what they say and do differently. Try to incorporate their slang, word and mannerisms into your own way of speaking. Work on acting as if you were them. Then try to ease your new way of speaking into your regular life. Keep practicing in private until its sounds completely natural.

5 Learn their attitude.

Celebrities almost always have an attitude. Their attitude is what defines and identifies their entire persona. Learn to master and adapt their attitude into your everyday life. The attitude is central to pulling your new celeb look off, so practice your attitude with your family first until they start accepting it as part of who you are. Eventually your new attitude will start flowing out of you when you’re with your friends.