Household chores and chemicals, and not regularly moisturizing your hands exposed the dryness of the skin, especially around the nails causing it to peel, which causes loss of attractive appearance of the hands.

Here we list a few tips and home remedies to exfoliate your skin surrounding the nails (also known as Cuticle.)

What causes dry skin surrounding the nails:

  1. wetting your hands regularly.
  2. Dealing with water for long time periods of time
  3. Using detergents.
  4. A lack of water intake.
  5. Being in the sun for a long time without applying sun protection.
  6. Dehydration and skin flaking of the cuticles may become chronic and cause cuts in the area with a feeling of pain.

1-Use glycerin:

Just add a few drops of lemon to a tablespoon of glycerin and rub the mixture in the hand massage,

This remedy can lighten the color of the skin and moisturize,the lemon works to get rid of stubborn nail yellowing.

Moisturizing hands daily Drying the hands especially with the cold climate causes the skin to peel and crack around the nail,

so you should take care of moisturizing the hands daily in the day or before sleep to give skin softness and coolness with cold weather.

2-Use a medicated medical cleaner:

Hash soap can cause an allergic reactions to the hands and cuticles,

So avoid all suspected allergens and choose a special detergent for sensitive skin.

3-Higher your calcium in-take:

Some studies suggest skin flaking around the nail area is caused by a lack of minerals in the body, especially calcium.

Ensure that your food include calcium, such as milk, dairy products, and cheese.

4-Aloe vera rub

Rub your hands and the perimeter of the nail with aloe- vera, and allow it sit for10- 15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

5-Wash your hands with Rose water:

Wash or set your hands in a bowl of rose water

allow the recipe to soften the skin around the nails then use a good moisturizer.

Repeat daily for a week.


Get a manicure at lest once a month.

get a manicure at a professional nail salon is the easiest, if you perfer doing it yourself, here’s how: the professional way is to soak the hands warm water plus a few kinds of honey for 10 minutes and then use your nails brush with a little bit of balm to moisten.

Use manicure tools, push the skin surrounding the nails, remove the skin by using the nail clipper, then dry the hands well, moisturizing the skin around the nail area a little.

Cosmetic experts advise working manicure only once a month.

After finishing the manicure, sterilize the dishes with a little alcohol and keep them for the next time.