By Ayo Al

A lot of women use foundation the wrong ways and the complain when they do not get the perfect finish to their face. This should not be so.

Your use of foundation during makeup can either make or break the perfect look.

Below are the best ways to apply foundation:

Though experts believe that one should use a primer before applying foundation and set the foundation with translucent loose powder, this will not always work as most women do not have these items at their reach.

1.  Before applying foundation on your face, gently clean your hands and face with the facewash suitable for your skin.

For oily skin, use facewash which contains tea tree oil, neem leaf extract and salicylic acid, so that it thoroughly cleanses skin without making the skin overtly dry.

2. Apply foundation but not with your fingers. Always use foundation brushes as it helps you to clean your skin of germs and also if you use fingers for applying foundation, it will stick to your fingers and not on your face.

3. For longer use, uUse a primer before applying foundation on your face so that it lasts for a long time. The primer makes your skin safe from the direct touch of any chemical and your skin looks healthy.

4.  Leave the moisturiser, sunscreen or primer for two minutes to set in, before applying foundation and if you feel your skin looks oily after this process, wipe your face with a soft wet tissue.

5.  Apply dots of foundation on the cheeks, forehead, chin and tip of your nose. Don’t apply foundation all over your face.

The objective is to even out the skin tones and not apply an opaque mass. If it’s too much, you will look like a jester and if too less, you will look unpolished.

6.  Mix the dots together. Make sure that there are no noticeable lines near your hairline or jawline.

7.  Set the foundation with original loose powder. This will provide you the natural look. No need to apply loose powder on your face.

Watch this tutorial on how to apply foundation