Use these 5 step beauty blender cleaning tips to get it squeaky clean and looking as good as new again.

1.Dunk the sponge in a bowl of soappie water. You want it soaking and do want it moist enough to take in all the soap.

2. Dab a dime-sized amount of Blender cleanser or solution onto the stained area. Shampoo or face wash will also work effectively.

3. Massage the soap into the beauty blender, pressing and kneading it well, using your fingertips to get the soap worked in there.

4. Start to rinse. Squeeze the sponge rapidly this works the stains out. Keep going until the water runs clear. In my experience, this takes a long time, and with shampoo or face wash this will take even longer.

5. Use a clean towel to gently roll the beauty blender to dry it. Then lay it flat to dry.

And that’s how you get your beauty blender’s squeaky clean.
As easy as that.