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Dressing your baby in winter can be challenging, making sure your baby isn’t too hot, cold or uncomfortable it is very important especially if you’re going outdoors.

It’s sometimes hard to gauge when your baby is too hot or their clothes are too tight and this is a health risk for young babies because little ones can’t tell you exactly how they’re feeling.

Follow these tips it will make dressing your baby in winter a little easier: 

Use a baby sleepsack

Using a sleep sac will keep your baby warm when she sleeps, she won’t be able to kick the covers off so she sleeps covered and warm all night.

Wrap your baby in Blanket

A blanket is essential in winter, you can wrap your baby in a blanket instead of adding extra clothing when your baby gets cold.

Layers are important

Body suits and babygros are must-haves for babies in winter. Depending on the outfit, socks under boots will keep your baby warm too.

Dress your baby in less clothing if he sleeps with you

Fewer layers are required when you sleeping with your baby, he benefits from your body heat so these no need for too many layers.

Feel your baby’s toes and tummy

If her tummy is cool, she isn’t able to keep herself warm add an extra layer of clothing to keep her cosy. If your baby has warm toes and a hot tummy, she is overdressed.

 Baby’s clothes should fit properly

Clothing and shoes that are too tight can limit your baby’s circulation. This can contribute to cold limbs.

Use Accessories

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Your baby’s ears and hands should be kept warm, too, on extra cold days so dress her in a cute beanie and gloves that matches her outfit.

Pick the right top layer 

Ideal top layers are clothes made of wool and polyester.